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Play(A)  Turf

In 1845 was founded the "Society horseracing Sanlucar de Barrameda" with the intent to promote Andalusian horse breed and agreeing holding races on the beach in the town of Cadiz.

Since then the races have become the most popular event in the area. Thoroughbred horses compete during two cycles of three days in August at various distances races on the beach at low tide coinciding.

Around the races  two different environments are created, on the one hand enclosure, built for racing and in front of the goal line that functions as a racetrack with places for horses, for the stakes, stands, bar and private boxes belonging to the sponsoring companies. Attendees come prepared to show elegant to the other guests, customers, entrepreneurs ....

On the other side of the beach, a plastic net mark where the safety distance must be removed bathers minutes before each race. On the beach the atmosphere is festive, people come prepared for a long afternoon of racing and there is a curious custom in which the protagonists are the youngest of the families.

Children bring betting booths built and decorated by them, these other children come to bet on which horse will be the first passes through the line marked opposite their betting booths.

The bets come from ten cents to the euro and paid triple the winner; bettors are treated to sweets or some trinket by the owner of the house to attract more bettors.



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